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Information System

Information Systems study program is intended as a center of excellence in the implementation of information system education that can help improve the performance of companies or organizations through the use of information technology. Information Systems is a field of science that studies the analysis of business needs and processes and system design. Learning in information systems focuses on Organizational Issues & Information Systems and Application Deployment Configuration.

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Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of theInformation System study program

Digital Enterpreneur

In the field of Digital Entrepreneur science, the competencies of students who will be formed are in the area of innovation, organizational change, and entrepreneurship. 

IT Auditor

It Auditors study science related to IT Governance and IT management.

Project Management

In the field of IT Science Project Manager, students learn three main competencies in this science which refers to the Talent Triangle issued by the Project Management Institute. The three competencies are Technical Project Managem..

Business Analytic

There are 3 levels of competence that will be built by students in this field of science, namely personal effectiveness competencies, academic competencies, and competencies based on the work environment.

Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of the Information System study program

Message from student

ITK is a learning platform that is very useful to improve yourself, both in terms of hard skills and soft skills. Minimal facilities, not making ITK Students stop will make a work, and evidenced by the active ITK students at every PKM event, participation in organizational activities to increase student relations, and various competitions and seminars to the international level. From the positive environment, it makes me very excited to make various achievements that carry the good name of the ITK campus. 

Public Relation, Horison Hotel Samarinda

Miss with the class atmosphere with the class of 2013, si temen who also continue to grow and develop both internally and externally, hopefully can bring the fragrant name of ITK.

Continuing Master's Degree Study in Information Systems Department at ITS

A lot of knowledge is obtained while studying at ITK Information Systems, both in the form of hard skills and soft skills. The material taught is in accordance with the needs of the world of work today. Lecturers are also very motivating and inspiring students when teaching to be more enthusiastic about studying. Hopefully, ITK Information System can produce quality generations that are able to compete in the world of work later, and lecture facilities can be maximized again, especially for laboratories and libraries. 

Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (IT Support - Dashboard & Reporting)

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