Community Development Publication

Research activities to resolve problems that occur in the community :

Dedication Title Year Source of funds
Empowerment of New Central Communities Through Catfish Cultivation Using Budikdamber Technique 2022 -
Designing a Startup Information System for Making and Providing Fertilizer (Smart Ferti) Case Study: Sempulang Village 2020 Independent
Prototyping of a Farmer's Product Information System (Si Hani) Using Figma (Case Study: Tani Bhakti Village) 2020 Independent
Training on Increasing Productivity of Home Industry Players through Information and Communication Technology in Balikpapan City 2020 -
Tourism-O Application Design 2020 Independent
Designing a Boat Rental Information System (SIWAHU) (Case Study: Kampung Warna- Warni Teluk Seribu) 2020 Independent
Designing a Finding Fruit Application for Tani Bhakti Village 2020 Independent
Making a Prototype of the Donation Information System "Sidona" Using Mockingbot (Case Study of Giri Rejo I Pati Village) 2020 Independent
E – Business Startup: BooKantan 2020 Independent
Designing the Hlsw Ecotourism Application with Adobe Xd (Case Study: Sungai Wain Protected Forest Village) 2020 Independent
Designing a "Bataco" Tourism Fintech Crowdfunding Startup With Adobe Xd (Case Study: Kampung Nelayan) 2020 Independent
Designing a Woven Fabric E-Commerce Startup (Tenun.In) Using Adobe Xd (Case Study: Kampung Wisata Tenun Samarinda) 2020 Independent
Star fruit sales information system (Sibling) 2020 Independent
Designing Tanam.In as an Application for Plant Growth Analysis in Pinisi Balikpapan Village 2020 Independent
Designing Ku Village Application for Bhakti Samboja Farmer Village 2020 Independent
E-Business: Waste Management System Application 2020 Independent
Making a Prototype for Selling Kale Products "Kang Bejo" Using Proto.Io (Case Study of Kampung Kangkung Sumber Rejo) 2020 Independent