Profile of Graduates

Various roles that can be done by graduates ofInformation System study programs in the field of expertise or certain fields of work after completing the lecture period.

Profile Learning Access
IT Auditor

The field of IT Science Auditors study science related to IT Governance and IT management. In this field of science, several competencies that will be built by students are related to the SI audit process; IT governance and management; acquisition, development and implementation of SI; operations, management and support of SI; and protection of information assets. In addition to these technical abilities, students will also develop soft skills in communication skills, business intelligence, self-motivation to learn new things, and critical and analytical thinking.

IT Project Manager

In the field of IT Science Project Manager, students learn three main competencies in this science which refers to the Talent Triangle issued by the Project Management Institute. The three competencies are Technical Project Management, Strategic and Business Management, and Leadership. In Technical Project Management, students will learn about knowledge or methodologies in project management, tools used in project management, and small-scale IT project assessment through project-based learning in the classroom. Furthermore, in Strategic and Business Management, students will build financial-related competencies for project managers, decision-making techniques and business risk management. Then in Leadership, soft skills that are expected to be formed are leadership, communication skills, and the ability to negotiate.

Business Analytics

There are 3 levels of competence that will be built by students in this field of science, namely personal effectiveness competencies, academic competencies, and competencies based on the work environment. At the first level (personal effectiveness competency), the abilities built are more centered on soft skills, such as integrity, initiative, reliable, trustworthy, adaptable, teamwork, professional, communication and respect. Next in the second level, learning puts more emphasis on academic ability. Where, at this level students will learn about generating 'value' from data, data literacy, ethics and data governance, technology, data programming and management, analytical planning, and communication. Then at the level of competence of the work environment, the focus of competencies to be built is planning and management, problem solving, decision making, business basics, customer-centered, and working with technology and tools.

Digital Entrepreneur

In the field of Digital Entrepreneur science, the competencies of students who will be formed are in the area of innovation, organizational change, and entrepreneurship. Students will learn about monitoring the technology environment, thinking entrepreneurship, developing business plans, innovating by exploiting emerging technologies/methods, applying creative problem solving to IT-related problems, contributing to organizational development and change management, analyzing and documenting business activities, and identifying opportunities to design process improvements.