Bank Indonesia Scholarship

BI Scholarships are provided by Bank Indonesia for all universities in Indonesia. Recipients of this scholarship will be assisted in the form of funds of Rp. 1 million/month for 1 year, get training to improve competence, and get the opportunity to develop character in a community called Genbi. BI Scholarship recipients also have the opportunity to do internships at Bank Indonesia. Unlike other scholarships, the BI Scholarship is only specifically for several study programs, namely Mathematics, Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Urban and Regional Planning and Informatics. The BI Scholarship Recipient Study Program may change according to the needs of Bank Indonesia. As of September 2020, ITK students who received the BI Scholarship were 50 students.


Indonesian Zakat Initiative Scholarship (IZI)

The IZI scholarship is given by the Indonesian Zakat Initiative to Muslim male students who have completed a minimum of 3 semesters. Students who are committed to memorizing the Qur'an and have memorized at least 1 juz can join this program. Recipients of this scholarship receive assistance with UKT expansion and living expenses as well as dormitories which are people who are committed to being followers of the Qur'an as well. ITK students who are interested can directly register and collect all registration files at the ITK Academic Counter.


ITK Achievement Scholarship (BIP)

BIP is a scholarship given by the East Kalimantan Provincial Government to prospective students in 2018 by providing tuition assistance for 4 full years. This scholarship is one of the steps to accelerate the steps for ITK to become the best campus by assisting students to facilitate student lecture activities. All students who received this scholarship were alumni of students ranked in the top 50 in their respective schools and came from East Kalimantan. A total of 40 2018 students received the ITK Achievement Scholarship.


Kaltim Tuntas Scholarship (BKT)

Kaltim Tuntas Scholarship is given by the East Kalimantan Provincial Government to new students from East Kalimantan (Kaltim). This program was previously known as the Kaltim Cemerlang Scholarship (BKC) from 2012-to 2016. The selection of this scholarship considers students from remote, remote, outermost, and isolated (3T) and college selection scores. Recipients of this scholarship will receive UKT assistance for 4 years of study. Prospective ITK students from East Kalimantan can apply for this scholarship and complete the existing files. As of September 2020, as many as 99 ITK students received the Kaltim Tuntas Scholarship.


PT. Pertamina Hulu Mahakam (PHM) Scholarship

Starting in 2018, SKK Migas and PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakan (PHM) provides opportunities for outstanding ITK students who come from following areas : Anggana District, Muara Badak District, Muara Jawa District, Samboja District, And Sangasanga District.