Empowerment of New Central Communities Through Catfish Cultivation Using Budikdamber Technique

2022 - -

Baru Tengah Village is one of the villages in West Balikpapan subdistrict which has an area of 0.57 km2 with a total percentage of west Balikpapan subdistrict area of 0.32%. In addition, The New Central Village also has a residential area of 43.26 hectares. In addition, the lack of education level obtained by the rt community. 52 Catfish farming activities using budikdamber technique have many advantages, namely can be done on a narrow land, do not require a lot of capital, and can generate additional income after harvesting is done. The method of implementation of this activity consists of 3 stages, namely the initial preparation stage, the implementation stage, and the evaluation stage. The initial preparatory stage includes literature studies, field surveys, socialization of work programs to the RT community. 52 Central New Village, as well as the preparation and manufacture of tools. The implementation stage includes educational and training activities on catfish cultivation using budikdamber techniques directly, banner installation, bucket distribution, catfish seedlings, and kale, as well as monitoring and discussion activities directly about the development of catfish and kale. The evaluation stage includes the evaluation of the length and weight of catfish and the analysis of the results of the evaluation of the length and weight of catfish during cultivation. This devotion resulted in significant development of catfish.